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From the Kitchen

Meal Timings
Breakfast             8.30am to 9.30am
Lunch                    2.00pm to 3.30pm
Dinner                  8.00pm to 9.00pm
The timings of meals will be changed as per students classes or administrative reasons.
(Note: No extra meal other than meal timing. No substitutes/special meals will be provided to students who are fasting because of Navratras, Rozas or any specific day or occasion).
Dining Room Regulations
  1. The meals will be served in dining room at the specified timings.
  1. All the students are required to be punctual for their meals in dining room.
  1. Students must be properly dressed in the dining room.
  1. Food, crockery, etc. belonging to the hostel should not be taken inside the students rooms. Defaulters will be charged a fine of Rs. 100/- each for first two times. Thereafter disciplinary action can be taken against the student.
Quality of food is supervised by senior staff. Endeavour is made to provide healthy, fresh food prepared under hygienic conditions. Our menu caters for variety in items and type of preparations. Seasonal and available vegetables are provided. We cater for likes/dislikes of majority of hostellers and menus are revised/modified/changed based on the feedback/suggestions given by hostellers. We provide the following:
    a) Breakfast- Simple paranthas, stuffed paranthas, puris, pav, poha, kulche, bread with jam/sandwish/pakora, chowmein, tea.

    b) Lunch/Dinner- Chapatties, rice, seasonal vegetable, dal/rajmah/chana/sambhar/kadhi/paneer/kofta.

    c) Afternoon-Tea

Note: We reserve the right to change the menu without notice on administrative grounds.

Food we provide

Chapati Cholle Black Chana Methi
Puri Kofta Mutter
Bhature Cholle Manchurian Alloo Gajjar
Parantha Dry Mutter Tamator
Stuffed Parantha Lobiya Hara Piaz
Bread Pakoda Soya Badi Gobhi Phool
Bread Jam   Gobhi Bund
Bread Sandwich Dal Arhar Shimla Mirch
Bread Toast Dal Black Urd Bengan Kundru
Bread Roll Dal Chana Papad
Pav Dal Moong Chilka Pickle
Poha Dal Moong Sabut Sauce
Kulche Chowmein Dal Moong Dhuli Slad
Macroni Dal Urd Sabut Chatni
Idli Dal Urd Chilka Halwa Kheer
Vada Dal Malka Masoor Semiyan
  Dal Black Masoor Custard
Rice Jeera Jack Fruit (Kathal) Tea
Rice Pulao Jimi Kand Coffee
Rice Fried Bhindi  
Khichdi Arvi Ghiya/Lauki  
Paneer Sitafal  
Kadhi Pakora Tinda  
Raita Tori  
Curd Karela  
  Sarson ka Saag