Guide on How to Choose the best PG in Satya Niketan?

PG accommodations are an ideal option for people who are moving to the new city & single. This is an affordable option & easily available wherever you move.

However, the PG is going to be your second home, so there are so many factors to be taken into consideration before you make a decision. Have a check on below factors:

Safety & security:

This is very important to check if the PG has good security & ensure the safety of its tenants. And Aasha Hostels provide the best Pg in Satya Niketan Delhi


Work on your budget while looking for the best options. Take all the expenditures into consideration & come up with a maximum amount that you can spend on accommodation.


Before moving to any PG, have a detail of their menu (Veg / Nonveg), meal count for the day & if they provide food on Sundays or not. Accordingly, take a decision on how feasible is the PG in terms of its food.

Background Check:

Before making a deposit, do some inquiry from nearby residents about the background of PG in order to ensure a trouble-free living.

Guest Policy:

The guest policy of the PGs is variable. Some PGs restrict the visitors & some do not. However, some PGs have their criteria to entertain visitors. We all have friends & family & your PG should have some feasible policies when it comes to visitor’s entry, timing & frequency. Ask the owner about how they let your friends & family visit you, and then you can choose if the PG is a good option for you.


Make sure that the PG is on a prime location from where you have good transport connectivity. Also, check the distance of Bus stops & railway station from the PG.

Distance from college/workplace:

This is one of the important factors to look into. The distance of your workplace or college from PG should not be a lot. The lesser will be the distance the more time & money you will save.Moreover, choosing a Pg in Satya Niketan Delhi is quite challenging because it has many factors to look into. But, if chosen smartly, it will make your life easy & convenient.